Fuel Cell Companies

Producing fuel cells has turned out to be a difficult financial venture. While multiple startups that have developed fuel cells using venture capital money, very few of them have succeeded in making a commercially viable product and as a result, most have ceased to exist.

The companies that have managed to maintain a hold on the fuel cell market have done so by producing practical fuel cells that still rely on traditional fossil fuels. These fuel cells are more efficient than internal combustion engines and other mechanism of producing electricity, so they are a step in the right direction even if they are not the ultimate goal. Below are several major companies in the fuel cell industry.

Ballard Power Systems

Ballard is a Canadian based corporation that specializes in proton exchange membrane fuel cells. It was founded in 1979 as Ballard Research Incorporated to develop high energy lithium ion batteries. Ballard began developing fuel cells in 1983 and has worked with both Daimler Auto Group and Ford Motor Company. The company has designed and shipped over 100 MW of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

UTC Power

UTC Power is a fully owned subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation. UTC Power was and continues to be the sole supplier of fuel cells to NASA. Fuel cells from UPC Power had supplied electricity and clean drinking water for astronauts on every U.S. manned spaceflight since the Apollo program. UTC Power can trace its roots back to 1958 when the Advanced Power Systems Group at Pratt & Whiney Aircraft began to experiment with hydrogen fuel cell technology.

UTC power is currently the largest installer of stationary fuel cells worldwide. They produce stationary fuel cells in the 200 kW to 400 kW range and have installed phosphoric acid fuel cells in over 2500 locations across the planet.

FuelCell Energy

FuelCell Energy traces its roots back to 1969 with the founding of the Energy Research Corporation. The company was focused on conducting research to commercialize fuel cell technology as well as advanced batteries research. In 1999, the battery efforts were spun off as a separate company and Energy Research Corporation renamed itself FuelCell Energy.

In the 1970s, the company focused its efforts on low temperature fuel cells. However, in the 1980s they switched focus to high temperature carbonate fuel cell systems because they offered greater commercial possibilities due to the internal reform capabilities. In 1992, the company successfully demonstrated a 120 kW high temperature carbonate fuel cell system called Direct FuelCell or DFC. They installed a 2 megawatt DFC power plant in Santa Clara California in 1996.

FuelCell Energy is a leader in the development and manufacture of stationary fuel cell power plants for commercial, industrial, government, and utility applications.

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

Horizon is a relatively new company, having been founded in 2003. Horizon is headquartered in Singapore and is laboratories in Shanghai, China. Horizon’s focus is on lightweight, compact, proton exchange membrane fuels cells. The target consumer electronics, portable emergency power systems, stationary backup power systems, aerospace systems, and are currently working on a clean transportation solution.

Sainergy Tech

Sainergy Tech is also a recent start-up would focus on hydrogen fuel cell technology. Sainergy is headquartered in Georgia, but has offices in India as well. They are the makers of the DURA brand of fuel cell products such as DURA-lyst catalyst.


ClearEdge was established in 2003 and markets compact power in heat Energy Systems for use in residential and small commercial buildings. Their products are intended to reduce utility bills and improve energy efficiency of homes and businesses across the United States while reducing carbon emissions.