ClearEdge Power

ClearEdge is a company that was established in 2003 with the goal of supplying residential and commercial consumers with a clean Energy Systems. The company’s major product is the ClearEdge5, which is a compact power in heat Energy System for use in residential and small commercial buildings.


This is a reformed fuel cell that processes natural gas externally to the cell stack and then feeds hydrogen into the fuel cell. The unit generates up to 5 kW of electricity and claims to reduce carbon emissions by up to 40% while cutting energy costs by as much as 50%. It is claimed to have 90% efficiency when used in the cogeneration of electricity and heat. The unit produces enough heat to warm 750 gallons of water, which is enough to keep a domestic water supply or swimming pool.

The ClearEdge5 is approximately the size of the refrigerator and weights 600 kg (1400 lbs). It generates over 94,000 kW of energy per year which is divided in 2/43,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity and 51,000 kilowatt-hours of useable thermal energy. The system meets the standards in the California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB32).