Ballard Power Systems

Founded in 1979, Ballard Power Systems is a global leader in proton exchange membrane fuel cell technology. The company has installed over 100 MW of hydrogen fuel technology around the world. Ballard is located in British Columbia, Canada.


Ballard focuses its current business on four major areas. The company expects FuelCell applications to broaden in the midterm future.

  • Backup power – This segment of the company’s business is focused on a reliable and cost competitive power sources for wireless telecommunications networks. There air cooled fuel cell offerings are capable of power output of 300 W to 3 kW and run on hydrogen. They have supplied backup power to over 600 telecom network sites with 1.7 MW hours of runtime.
  • Distributed Generation – These fuel cells take advantage of hydrogen and produced from chemical and Bio gas production to generate power locally for onsite use and for sale to the grid. The system makes use of modular Power Banks (of up to 500kW) that are combined to produce multiple megawatts of zero emission electricity with the heat being used for hot water and space heating. The systems are also used to meet peak load demands by utility companies as an alternative to permanent grid and transmission infrastructure development.
  • Material Handling – This refers to equipment, such as forklifts, used in warehouses and distribution centers. These systems offer decreases to fuel costs and increased productivity due to a longer run times without refueling. All of these systems are hydrogen based making them zero emissions and safer to endorse. The BMW Group has estimated that their investment in Ballard material handling fuel cells has saved them 1.8 million kWh per year of electricity consumption and reduced their carbon dioxide emissions by 1200 tons per year.
  • Bus – Ballard designs and manufactures fully integrated 75 kW or 150 kilowatt modules for fuel cell buses. In British Columbia alone, the use of FuelCell buses has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 2000 metric tons per year. Ballard estimates that over seven million passengers have been carried by buses utilizing their fuel cells and that three million kilometers have been traveled.


Esencia is Ballard’s a proprietary technology for proton exchange of membrane fuel cells. The product draws on over 2000 intellectual property patents owned by Ballard. Ballard produces seven different lines of fuel cells, all of which use its Esencia technology.